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**Customers Please Read Before Purchasing**
The buyer is soley responsible for arranging and paying for shipping of their items. Great American Auction will however supply telephone numbers and names of shippers. If there are any problems or delays in shipping it would be in the best interest of the buyer to call whomever they arranged to truck their items directly & not to call Great American Auction. Please let your shipper know that we do not have the facilities here to crate, shrink wrap, or put your items on pallets. Also please have the shipper call ahead with the time and day they will be arriving so we can have everything ready. We ship internationally (containers etc.). Our hours are Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. We are not open on weekends.

Please note that no items will be released until they are paid for in full, and also that the shipping and handling fees are in addition to & not included in your auction bill from Great American Auction.
- Country Postman: (845) 677-1076
.- UPS Store: (845) 454-3505
- or
-Antique Transport (215) 844-8755 - Vintage Trucking (413) 212-1252
- Travis Cox (East Coast): 866-466-8303 - Wintersteen (800) 253-0617
International Shippers
- Sea & Air International- (877) 882-8886
- Sure Express Worldwide - Domestic and International
Phone: 1-800-335-9996 Web:

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